The Commonwealth of Wechi is a scholarly nation, high in the mountains. It is governed, in theory, by pure democracy — every decision is made by popular vote of the inhabitants. In practice, given the difficulty of such frequent elections, per the Common Rule of Non-objection Baron Neshomeh makes the decisions until someone disagrees with her. Wechi honors the Constitution of Plort as well as its own particular mores and folkways. Its inhabitants worship many of the same gods as others in Plort, including Spelin and Kanun, as well as the just and powerful Gods of Wechi-Ah.

Wechi is dominated by mountains and highland moors. Since the opening of the harbor at Mei'n Payj, there is a good deal of traffic along the Hyparlink Route, but away from the Hyparlink and the major rivers, Wechi remains somewhat wild and untamed despite efforts to lay down common roads and other infrastructure. The Larninkurv Mountains are daunting to those who have never journeyed there before, and only a hardy few make their homes amid the wide, lonely moors. Even Baron Neshomeh's beloved husband, Phobos, rarely visits her in the remote highland castle of Arkive.

And yet, Wechi is a land of rugged beauty, and tales tell of marvellous visions that travellers behold on the moors. It is said that the native Wechians, known amongst themselves as Eddataurs, build stone monuments to the knights of Plort in the wilderness so that future generations might know of their glory. The knights of Plort are invited to visit and style their own shrines to their liking, but few find their way through the rough, undeveloped country.

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