Vidya Gaym is a nation on the continent of Weab, often preyed on by the Marizu League.

Known Regions Edit

  • The Land of the Shuvell Nights
  • District of Eidsaf'twaer

Known Cities Edit

  • Dunastuvaryorz
    • Known for its warriors, said to be able to defeat hundreds of regular men in battle; they are also known for their outlandish weaponry and their petty squabbles amongst themselves.
  • Emmytoo
  • Lamb-daa
  • Lozz
  • Pedox
    • A city whose people love the art of strategy; many famous colleges of war have their campuses here. Pedox-trained strategists are highly sought after in many of the courts of Weab.
  • Sonikh de'Hedgehog
  • Tiu Fort

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