The Union of Plort is a nation, comprising the military and foreign-policy union of the four nations of Konti-Nyuum: the Protectorate of Borrd, the Riding of Sittorese, the Commonwealth of Wechi, and the Refuge of Ozerbord. During its existence, the Republic of Iric was a member of the Union.

The baronial system is a function of the Union, not of the four nations - any rights granted to the barons beyond the military are specific to their home nations. The national anthem of the Union is See Now, Konti-Nyuum.

Flag of the Union Edit


The first flag of the Union.

On the foundation of the Union, the Baronial Council created a four-quartered flag for it. The quarters were said to represent multiple things: the three eras of rule in Konti-Nyuum (the sword and arrow for Jay and Acacia, the book for the Triumvirate, and the sun for the Baronial Council and the Union), and the four nations of the isle (the book for Wechi, the sword for Borrd, the arrow for Iric, and the burning sun for Ozerbord.

The flag remained unchanged through the founding of the Riding of Sittorese and the fall of Iric.

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