Phobos originally hails from the Federation of Academia. A baron of Plort, he is married to Baron Neshomeh. He lives in the castle Cokirt.

The Tale of Phobos Edit


Impaled Arms of Barons Neshomeh and Phobos

Baron Phobos, in his castle at Cokirt, is one of the newest Barons. He was a knight before his ascension, and his favoured weapon is the warhammer. There are some that say he owes his Barony to a political marriage with the Baron Neshomeh. Others claim it was earned through battles across both Borrd and Iric. Still others believe that he gained his seat through some democratic process. Whatever the method, he watches over his lands, even when his attention may seem to be elsewhere.

While he can be more strict with his rulings than some of the other Barons, he is often in seclusion for long periods of time. He maintains the laws of his realm and seems to do little else. However, it would be unwise to think him lazy for, while he is slow to act, any action he does take is forceful and intended to end disputes quickly. The border his realm shares with Baron Huinesoron's is often the site of minor skirmishes. While little damage is ever done in these clashes, some treaties have resulted.