The Marizu League is one of the dominant powers of the continent of Weab. It consists of a loose collection of countries, ruled to one degree or another by the Marizu.

The Marizu League occupies much of the former lands of the Scholars' Empire. By the use of the foul magic of pla'tool, the Marizu have driven the worshippers of Kanun back to isolated strongholds and scattered holdouts.

Most nations of the Marizu League suffer from ongoing rebellions against the Marizu. If they can be driven forth, and the dire magic of pla'tool ended at last, the League may once again become the Empire of old. It is to this end that the Union of Plort and its allies wage war on the Marizu League.

The Creipipastar Wichen runs through the southern Marizu League.

Nations of the League Edit

  • Confederation of An-Emay
  • Doktaru
  • Dropern
  • Fantopra
  • Kingdom of Lotor
    • Lotor broke away from the Scholars' Empire realm of Medellurth, with which it is engaged in constant war.
  • Pokhemmon
    • Pokhemmon, which split off from Vidya Gaym some time ago and is currently negotiating its eastern border with the Confederation of An-Emay, is a small but prominent nation known primarily as a tourism hotspot. Its wild animals are mind-bogglingly diverse and powerful, yet even a child can tame them with the proper tools. Citizens of Pokhemmon worship various animal gods of the land, the sea, the sky, space, time, and life and death itself. They are a friendly, intensely loyal people, ready to defend any slight to them, their heroes, or their culture in battle. The magical art of Mons is practised widely in this nation.
  • Potoc
  • Prashette
  • Roe Lin
    • Roe Lin broke away from the Scholars' Empire realm of Air'ihpotre, and has recently conquered its last remnants.
  • Staar-Tric
    • Staar-Tric was the first nation of the Scholars' Empire to pledge its allegiance to the Marizu League.
  • Staar-Wos
    • Staar-Wos is in constant war with neighbouring Staar-Tric, despite them being ostensible allies.
  • Sti Venkeen
  • Sureloch
  • Magedom of Yung Wi-Sods
    • The original realm of Yung Wi-Sods split in two; the Scholars' Empire still holds the Viceregency.

Vassals Edit