Juliette the Fourth is a baron of the Union of Plort, resident in the Riding of Sittorese. She was formerly known as Dann.

The Announcement of Juliette Edit

Baron Juliette's first announcement of her new identity was relayed by Baron Huinesoron of Ozerbord, in the tale known as Sea Change. The full tale of what passed may be heard in the taverns of Borrd.

The Ancient Tale of Dann Edit

The wizard Dann watched across the lands of Iric and Borrd quietly, only rarely appearing in Borrd outside the festival times.

Dann was found in La Wunj frequently in the evenings, after tending the exotic trees and blossoms of the Kar'eer forest all day. After a lab accident involving one of the regular La Wunjers, he occasionally took the form of a black housecat rather than his normal arcane attire.