The continent of Weab.

The Grand Republic of Deeay is a nation on the continent of Weab.

The Grand Republic has trade routes that lead to and from it all over Weab, reaching even to Plort in a few cases. That level of accessibility, however, means there is a strong Marizu presence and influence there, possibly stronger than the army. Rumour has it that the Marizu League seeks an alliance with Deeay, or already has one, or seeded the entire cabinet with its double-agents so as to manipulate the Republic.

All artisans in Deeay receive a magic scrapbook when they begin their career. They place chapters of their favorite stories or their favorite pictures in the scrapbook. As long as at least one chapter of a story or picture by a given artisan remains in the scrapbook, its owner can read the full story or see other works by that artisan at his or her leisure. Recently, the Republic's cabinet updated the scrapbook spell so that artisans can find works similar to their favorites in its pages.