Godreve is located near the centre of Cassie's baronial lands, in the heart of the Riding of Sittorese and equidistant from Iric, Wechi and Borrd. This town, a portion of the surrounding countryside, and the castle by the same name were awarded to Sir Ekyl when the new baron chose to grant him a fief, in recognition of their friendship.

The town is decently sized, defended by a well-trained militia and Ekyl's retinue of men-at-arms, and the castle it grew around is an imposing hilltop structure known for stout defences and a vast library said to contain tomes on all subjects. Sir Ekyl prefers to do most of his governing within his keep and spends much time reading or writing in the library when he isn't away travelling, but he can still be found in town for festivities or occasions such as oversight of civic projects, like the road which now connects Godreve with Baron Cassie's seat at Ngort, the port town of Tumblar, and the Republic of Iric, or defending his fief from outlaws, rebels or the occasional troll raiders. As these lands are often restless, Ekyl's men can at times be found patrolling the barony outside of his actual territory. Despite unrest in the barony, Godreve is known as a place where knights from far and wide may come to tell their tales, and Sir Ekyl often invites knight or baron alike to come read from the tomes in his castle library, or even add to the collection themselves.

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