This article is written from a Real World perspective.

So, you want to join in the fun of the world of Plort, but all the names are giving you a headache? You don't know if you're supposed to claim you come from Fafka or Fantopra? Good news! The Glossary is here for you.

(This glossary is designed to let you take a Real World concept and translate it into Plort. If you have a Plort name that you want to know the reference behind, check its page for a 'Written by' or 'Reference' line in the Infobox, or for a tooltip over unlinked names in lists.)

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The continent of Weab, close by to Konti-Nyuum, is home to most of the internet. A particular focus is given to fandom - by way of the Marizu League and the Scholars' Empire - and fanfic - Fanvik-Neht, Hanathanun, and so forth.

The other continents are also themed. Over on the North-East Continent, the Federation of Academia contains university subjects and education. The western continent contains the So Shall Medea - Facebook, Twitter, and the like. We don't talk about it much.

The final feature on the map is the Mistwall, up in the Arctic Circle. The countries beyond the Mistwall are those with a connection to the Real World, rather than to the internet.

The Union of Plort of course represents the PPC. There are three ranks: barons are Permission Givers, knights are those with Permission, and civilians are those without. The four nations of the Union represent the different aspects of the community - the Board, the Wiki, the IRC, and the Other Board.

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