The Cult of Six Roses

Tudor arch vantasable, a rose urpure, crossed wands tenevert.

Resident in: Roe Lin
Defeated by: Lady Iximaz

The Cult of Six Roses was a close-knit band of Marizu from the land of Roe Lin, eventually disbanded/defeated by Lady Iximaz.

The Tale of the CultEdit

It was shortly after Lady Iximaz was appointed baroness that she learned of a powerful Marizu threat that none had yet dared to confront: a group dedicated to slandering the teachings of Jaikaiar and spreading their own messages of cruelty, malice, and wickedness. They called themselves the Cult of Six Roses.

Enraged by the cultists' activity, Lady Iximaz set sail for Weab, intending to finally put a stop to them on her own. She managed to infiltrate the cult by posing as an acolyte, and she bided her time, sabotaging the cult's plans and causing a small series of troublesome accidents to make their lives more difficult. And when the opportunity to kill the leaders presented itself, she struck.


The arms of the six leaders of the Cult. The sixth bore only half a shield due to her overconfidence.

One by one, she picked off each of the leaders with little difficulty, using a combination of stealth, guile, and dirty tactics in the form of long-ranged sniping. However, the sixth and eldest leader, having discovered the cause of the others' deaths, took precautions against such an attack and forced Lady Iximaz to engage her in close combat. After a difficult fight, Lady Iximaz emerged the victor, bloody and beaten but alive.

Though devastated by the loss of her faithful bow, which had been broken in the struggle, she crafted a newer, more resilient one on her way back to Plort, where she returned triumphant. The tales of her deeds were already being spread throughout the land, and the Cult of Six Roses was soon nothing more than a distant memory.