The Barony of Huinesoron is currently in its third incarnation. The original barony was formed after the fall of Chaett, and lay in the east of the unified Protectorate of Plort; it was ruled at the time from Castle Pankae.

When the Republic of Iric was declared, Baron Huinesoron's domains shifted to the west, encompassing the land that would later be made the Refuge of Ozerbord, but also extending beyond its borders, into Borrd. This had the side effect of making the Borrd area of Huinesoron something approaching tax havens - the question of whether they answered to the laws of Borrd or of Ozerbord was usually decided on a case-by-case basis, and could thus be swung in one’s favour.

Ruled from Castle Kwenaya by Huinesoron as both baron and Lord Protector of Ozerbord, the barony was diminished when portions of its land were granted to barons Iximaz, PC, and Thanasius Ampelius. At the 2017 Council of Plort, after southern Ozerbord was claimed by the Confederation of Diskord, Baron Huinesoron again moved.

The barony now lies in eastern Borrd, between the city of Borrd and the river Karaktar. Its lands extend into the Riding of Sittorese.

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  • Borrd
    • The capital of the Union is not actually part of Barony Huinesoron, being rather administered by the Council of Borrd.

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