A Baron is one of the military leaders of the Union of Plort, and the Protectorate of Plort before it.

The position of Baron does not carry with it any authority beyond the military sphere; however, in certain nations of Konti-Nyuum, Barons also serve as political leaders: the Protectorate of Borrd is ruled by its barons.

All barons are members of the Baronial Council, which meets once a year in Borrd.

Today, barons are directly elected from the population as a whole. In the past, they have been appointed by a number of different methods.

Historical Baronies Edit


Animated map of the changing baronies.

The baronial borders of Konti-Nyuum have changed repeatedly over the years. The boundaries of each new barony are determined by the Edict of Bast.

A full, clickable map of the evolution of the baronies is available here.

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